H&L Voltage.

Power Quality Mngt.​

Diagnosis of electricity pollution. Norms and location reports services. The Power Quality program starting with training to intalling and developping accurate and arguable image . Contact us .

Tip: PQM software can be installed for diagnosis purpose and collecting the crucial data . Ask our specialized team for the service.


People based communication . Social integrated values . What are you digging for ?

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UPS Services.


Uninterruptible Power Supply. Lowering risky energy shortage & pollution. following your core business with the peace of mind & ensuring your satisfaction. With 24/24h 7/7d on schedule for either corrective or predictive maintenance, Voxatel Ups Services - VUS team is always on alert .

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Host & SaaS.​

Our dedicated servers farm . Hosting easy . Not as pricey as the competition . Feel free to try us FOUR MONTHS .

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IT integration.


From cabling to wifi with a complete value integration .
This is your unique solution with a dedicated professionals to render the results your are waiting for .


IT & Industrial.​

External or internal training . On the field or on a recreational environment . The planning list can be downloaded . Specific needs can be processed . Contact us .

Air Conditioning.


Our Elec & IT integration need very often air conditions within a stable température .
This service can help . contact us .